A solution towards managing your team’s well being and build customer confidence to return

Many workers may face challenges about returning to work including whether it is safe for them to do so. Not one person has been excluded from the traumatic experience COVID-19 has put us through. It has impacted us all whether financially, physically or emotionally and quite possibly all. At this time, our most valuable resource – our employees – need to feel safe and also need to feel listened to in a way that is manageable, kind and considered.

Here at insight6, we have launched a ‘Covid-19 Stay Safe Team Safety Checker’ that will automatically seek feedback from your team about how safe they feel at work. The system will alert you in real-time if anyone says they are feeling unsafe or concerned. This provides you with the essential due diligence and duty of care records, should you need them, and importantly, also ensures ALL your team have the opportunity to voice their concerns in a safe and easily managed way.

As lockdown is eased, implementing the necessary measures to make business operations as safe as possible has been at the forefront of the planning and Risk Assessments around COVID-19 are a priority. Finding out how your team and your customers feel is daunting but also essential.The system can be used for both.

For more information, please click on the link below or call Judy Randon 07909 542737 or email judy.randon@insight6.com


Courtesy of Insight6 – 10/06/2020

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