Advice for out of hospital CPR during the Covid-19 pandemic

Please ensure your first aid team are aware of the current practice for assessing a casualty during this pandemic. Please contact Kate at KM First Aid if you need clarification.

Advice for out of hospital CPR during the Covid-19 pandemic

The Resuscitation Council UK provides guidance on the provision of CPR and has updated this guidance for workplace first aiders, for this time of Coronavirus. Now you are being asked merely to observe at a distance for signs of normal breathing.

“Recognise cardiac arrest by looking for the absence of signs of life and the absence of normal breathing. Do not listen or feel for breathing by placing your ear and cheek close to the patient’s mouth. If you are in any doubt about confirming cardiac arrest, the default position is to start chest compressions until help arrives.

Make sure an ambulance is on its way. If COVID 19 is suspected, tell them when you call 999.”

If someone is calling 999 you should begin compression only CPR, ideally wearing gloves and cover the mouth & nose of the casualty to protect you (perhaps use a triangular bandage from the first aid kit). Send someone for a defibrillator and use this as soon as it arrives on scene. Anyone can use one as you do NOT need to be trained to do so. The machine instructs you once turned on and will not deliver a shock if it is not needed.

KM First Aid is now offering face to face courses which are now filling up. Please remember that the HSE extension for lapsed certificates ends on 30th September


Courtesy of KM First Aid– 10/08/20

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