An update from Badger Associates

Good afternoon

Let me begin by promising not to use words or phrases like ‘unprecedented’, ‘strange times’, ‘stay safe’ or ‘we’ll get through this’.

In the coming weeks and months we are all going to know people who have been ‘let go’ by their employers. It may be happening in your company, in another company that you know, or to a friend.

It will be a desperately lonely and worrying time for those individuals who will feel cut adrift from the reality they have come to know and expect. Yet, they will all have a talent that can be useful to another employer – all they have to do is find that company before despair sets in – right?

While we can’t promise to help everyone, of course, we do promise to offer a compassionate ear, sound advice and guidance wherever possible to help get them back into work as quickly as possible.

Spread the word. We’re here to help.

Courtesy of Badger Associates – 14/05/2020

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