Birchwood Energy’s top tips to help encourage energy preservation

As the weather is starting to turn a little cooler, now is the time to consider, and put into action, a plan to ensure your business is as energy efficient as possible during the colder winter months. This is especially important this year as you may possibly have less staff on-site, due to continued remote working for example.

We’ve put together a list of top tips to help encourage energy preservation, so you can instill good habits before the cold sets in!

  1.  Switch off monitors overnight – a simple step, but one that can save big! It is estimated that switching off the monitor overnight when not in use can reduce the cost of running by 75%. Encourage staff to switch their monitor off when they leave at night.
  2. Review heating/air conditioning policies – Ensure heaters and/or air conditioners are switched off when the office is unoccupied to save energy.
  3. Put lights on a timer – If your lights are left on overnight this can use enough energy to heat a home for months. Encourage staff to switch off lights as they leave, or if you can look at automation.
  4. Replace outdated equipment – When equipment needs replacing across the office ensure you are checking energy efficiency ratings. Also, it is worth reviewing the bulbs in use in your office, can these be replaced with LED or other alternatives?
  5. Review kitchen facilities – If you have a large workforce you may want to consider energy-efficient alternatives for your hot drinks provision – look at hot water taps or other options to save money and time.

If your energy contract is due for renewal, the team here at Birchwood Energy can save you time and energy in shopping around by ensuring you get the best deal. We can take care of all of the hassle on your behalf, getting you the best deal and saving you money in the long run. Contact us today for more information.

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Courtesy of Birchwood Energy – 15/09/2020

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