Colleges and Universities – how easy is it to apply on your website?

insight6 research showed that while 95% of applicants found it easy to apply to their chosen course, only 36% found it easy to enter their qualifications.

What impression do your applicants have about you at this stage on their journey? Are they excited about what is to come or left frustrated by a tricky application process? 

insight6 has completed a comprehensive study to understand how potential students feel when applying to UK colleges and universities.

The study was developed to understand how effectively online applications, interviews and virtual events are handled so that we could identify what goes well, best practice and areas that can be improved. The finished report is possibly one of the most comprehensive studies on the applicant experience ever undertaken by an external customer experience research organisation.

Inside the report, you will find our top tips on all the key touchpoints along the applicant journey from the initial browse of the website through to the final offer and virtual event.

Some of our key findings were:

  • 14% of applicants received no acknowledgement that their application had been received
  • Only 22% felt they had been given sufficient information to help them prepare for their interview
  • 36% felt that entering their qualifications in the online application was not easy to complete

Each of these touchpoints is crucial in forming an important relationship and building the potential student’s trust in your college/university.

If you would like to understand how your applicants feel when they apply to your establishment and how you can convert more enquiries and applications, then please reach out for a conversation about how insight6 can support you to achieve that.

To read the full applicant journey report visit:

Courtesy of insight6 – 02/09/2021

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