Let’s get planning your move

2020 has arrived and it looks as though it’s going to be mega busy with lots of pent up demand being freed up. Confidence has returned to the housing market now that the charismatic Boris has been voted in with an overwhelming majority with the promise that he will get Brexit done!

So, let’s get planning your Move! This is where I help Home Buyers and Sellers, particularly First & Last Time Sellers. Last time Sellers/Buyers advice can be so crucial to longer term retirement and care plans.

First time sellers need to be aware of the pitfall as a high percentage end up changing their estate agent inevitable costing them money.

Deciding on the RIGHT Estate Agent to sell your most prized asset is crucial – I try to help get it right first time.

For a FREE half hour Consultation informing of 10 tricks and tips Call Chris on Tel: 01603 700007 or Email: advice@hbsas.co.uk

This months TIP – Never pay an Estate Agent upfront – I’ll give you the reasons why.

January offer-

Advising Buyers & Sellers on the pitfalls of Buying and Selling a home.

Planning your move.

Choosing the right Estate Agent and why.

A FREE one hour consultation informing 10 Tips on Selling and/or Buying a home.

Call Chris Hall on 01603 700007 or email advice@hbsas.co.uk

Please note that this offer ends on 29th February 2020.

Courtesy of Home Buyer & Seller Advice- 27/01/2020

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