Organic September – The benefits of buying and the challenges of storing organic fruit and vegetables.

Whilst eating any fruit and vegetables is much better for you than none, organically produced fresh produce can give you and the environment so many additional benefits.

With no harmful chemicals and pesticides introduced from seed to plate, the consumer will enjoy many health benefits including a significantly higher proportion (60%) of key antioxidants.

There are also the benefits to the environment with the removal of harmful chemicals from fields and gardens will encourage and protect wildlife. Research shows there is 50% more wildlife on an organic farm than on a more traditional one. A real haven for bees, butterflies and other insects, as well as animals.

With no unnatural intervention, growers of organic fruit and vegetables have the challenge of keeping produce fresh for as long as possible, so they arrive at the customer in peak condition. From then on, the consumer (customer) has to eat the produce before it rots down.

There are ways to transport and store fruit and vegetables which will go along way to slowing down the ripening process. Ethylene gas is the ripening hormone, produced by all fruit and vegetables after harvesting. By removing the gas from the air surrounding produce, it will slow down the ripening process, in many fruit and vegetables, quite significantly.

Approved for use with organics Fresh Pod works at all stage of the food supply chain to remove 99% of Ethylene from the atmosphere where fruit and vegetables are stored. It also removes any invisible airborne bacteria, rots and spores which can also accelerate spoilage. By cleaning the air produce will stay fresh, crisp and tastier for up to four times longer whilst retaining essential nutrients.

Fresh Pod has a full range of products to work in domestic fridges and fruit bowls as well as in the commercial world in commercial fridges, warehouses, lorries, containers, and others.

Choosing to introduce organic fruit and vegetables into the diet is not as difficult or expensive as it can sometimes be perceived, especially if enjoyed in peak condition and the benefits to the body and to the environment is well worth the effort.

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Courtesy of Fresh Pod – 01/09/2020

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