Staff wellbeing

We have been carrying research with our clients and know that one of their key priorities throughout the Pandemic has been to ensure their teams are feeling well. Often people may appear to be fine on the outside but on the inside, it is often a very different story.

It is sometimes too easy to think ‘everyone is just fine’ because they are just getting on with the job. However, do your really know how they are actually feeling? Do you take the time to ask them? There are often many concerns, which with one simple question such as “Are you okay?” could make a world of difference to them on that day.

A very simple question with a potentially massive impact.

By asking this easy question 1000’s of businesses have been able to identify who needs help quickly; from minor issues to major problems.

As well as gaining great insights into how your team are feeling, our clients teams have said that after being asked they have felt:

  • Valued
  • Well looked after by their employers
  • Comfortable knowing they can raise any concerns

If you would like to ensure your team feel the same get in touch to find out how


Courtesy of insight6 – 31/07/2021



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