Voter registration forms now landing on doormats

Breckland residents are being encouraged to check the post for an important form to make sure they will be eligible to vote in any future elections.

The district council has now started its statutory Annual Canvass, which will see every home in Breckland receive a form over the coming weeks advising households who is currently registered to vote at the property. It is a legal requirement for all households to respond to the form to confirm the details remain correct, or to advise on any changes that need to be made to official records.

Maxine O’Mahony, Breckland Council’s Electoral Registrations Officer, is urging people to look out for the forms and to respond as soon as possible. “We have to carry out the audit every year to ensure the electoral register remains up to date and we have the correct details for everybody in the district who is eligible to vote,” she said.

“It only takes a few minutes to reply to the form, but if you don’t you may not be included on the list of people allowed to vote in future elections. As the Register of Electors is used for other purposes too, people whose details are not up to date may also find it harder to obtain credit, open bank accounts, or prove their identity, so it is really important that you look out for the form and respond.”

The document, known as the Annual Household Enquiry Form, includes details how people can respond. Options include online, text message, automated telephone line, or by returning the amended form in the post.

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Courtesy of Breckland Council– 02/08/2019

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